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A meticulous approach to the preservation of historic and heritage legacy structures.

Whether it’s fortifying a railway asset erected when train transport was in its infancy, a building in need of restoration or a salvage strategy for a listed asset facing demolition, VEDA guarantees utmost care.

Our teams have completed everything from one-off condition reports to full-scale conservation design projects for bridges, Grade I and Grade II listed buildings.  We balance the asset owner’s requirements with the demands of stakeholder associations such as English Heritage, government body Historic England and local authority conservation executives.

We carry out site inspections, devise restoration plans then oversee our supply chain partners to ensure structural alterations and restoration of the asset with appropriate materials. Where we do advise a demolition strategy, we meticulously sort and label every salvageable element for storage after project completion.

In asset life cycle terms, we’ve added hundreds of years to structures built up to around 180 years ago. VEDA’s experienced team commission and undertake scrupulous examinations of structures before devising strategies for maintenance, improvement and/or recommission to full and safe use.


Our Heritage Services and experience includes:

  • Project Management & Lead Design
  • Retaining walls and structures
  • Structural Inspection/Repair/Refurbishment
  • Structural Assessments/Analysis
  • Temporary Works
  • Demolition Strategy
  • Salvage of historical elements

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