VEDA’s field engineers are well equipped to conduct asset examinations to determine residual service life.


Regular inspections are a basis of any asset’s safe operations. With extensive experience in examinations of both rail and highways assets, we provide with holistic, coordinates and efficient way to deliver any inspection. We provide with an end-to-end service in planning, undertaking and structurally assessing structures. All our examiners are adequately trained in-house to be able to recognise safety critical defects and understand their root cause.


Surveys involve a desktop study of available information, and where additional elemental data is required we will scope and conduct non-destructive surveys with the use of; Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Ferroscans, Sonic testing equipment or Ground Penetrating Radar. For conclusive evidence, our structural surveyors will conduct intrusive investigations to determine material properties, structural configuration and general condition.

Our expertise covers

Rail Assets Examinations

Detailed, Visual, Additional, One-Off Additional Exams

Highway Assets Examinations

Inspection for Assessment

In-house competency Training

Examination Competency Management