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Maintain the service life of engineering assets.

VEDA’s field engineers are well equipped to conduct detail examinations and analyse structural and civil engineering assets of all ages to determine residual service life. 

We are employed by both maintenance and reactive works contractors to undertake both visual and detail examinations of buildings and rail structures. On the emergency response works our engineers will analyse the structure and provide a temporary works solution to prevent progressive failure and where possible maintain the use of the structure until a permanent solution is installed.

Surveys will involve a desktop study of available information, and where additional elemental data is required we will scope and conduct non-destructive surveys with the use of;  Ferroscans, Sonic testing equipment and Ground Penetrating Radar. For conclusive evidence, our structural surveyors will conduct intrusive investigations to determine material properties, structural configuration and general condition.

We are experienced in the assessments of civil, structural and bridge structures using simple model based methods or for probabilistic assessments real-time data from load testing and monitoring systems.

Our rail team conduct both visual and detail examinations for Network Rail in accordance with NR/L3/CIV/006. Our engineers are competent and approved in conducting Level 0 assessments for both masonry viaducts, metallic and concrete structures in accordance with NR/SP/CIV/035.

Our expertise covers:

  • Emergency response engineers for the rail industry. We can provide a team of PTS trained engineers to conduct reactive examinations of civil and building structures.
  • Examination & Assessment of Rail Bridges in line with Network Rail standards and latest design tools. 
  • Conduct and manage non-destructive and intrusive surveys. We can facilitate the soil and material testing and produce the factual and interpretative reports. 

Structural Surveys & Assessments Services Contact

Jack Edwards
Senior Engineer
Structural Surveys & Assessments Services Leader

T: +44 (0)20 3214 5240
E: jack.edwards@veda.co.uk


Recent Projects

Concrete Bridge Surveys

VEDA Associates were employed to carry out surveys on existing concrete overbridge structures on the Wessex route to aid in the production of record drawings of the structures.

Visual examinations, ferroscans and the instruction of intrusive surveys were conducted to determine the main structural components, whether precast concrete, insitu concrete or encased UC members. 

Government Road Bridge

The existing metallic overbridge on the PAA1 route, carrying the up and down running lines required emergency repairs as part of the Hidden Critical Element initiative.
Following the emergency repairs VEDA were employed to complete a dimensional, structural survey and BCMI score.

Network Rail required the production of historical drawings of the riveted steel structure, and a Level 0 structural assessment. A Form AA and BA01 were produced to confirm the suitability of the structure to carry the published RA loading.