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Project Description

The embankment slip near Stonegate station in February 2014 caused damage and partial collapse to the existing brick culvert.

As part of the embankment stabilisation scheme to which VEDA Associates were employed by Dyer and Butler Ltd as lead designer, the existing culvert was reformed. The reinstatement of the culvert was constructed using pipe jacking technique.

A thrust wall was constructed opposite the headwall and sections of steel tubes were jacked through the existing culvert opening allowing the collapsed spoil material to be removed. Once the collapse section of pipe was safely lined with the new steel pipe the annulus was grouted to ensure that no further loss of embankment material was lost into the voids around the new culvert.

This was essential to ensure further settlement of the track over did not occur. To ensure the steel tube did not cause and environmental issue due to the oxidisation of its iron, the steel tube was subsequently lined with a GRP UV cured liner.


Project Details

Project Name: Stonegate Station 
Type of Project: Pipe Jacking
Client: Dyer & Butler
Date Completed: September 2014 

Services provided:     

  • Structural Engineering & Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Rail Engineering
  • Temporary Works

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