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Adaptive Reuse of Existing Structures.

Our engineers bring sustainable pragmatic design to the refurbishment, repair and renovation of existing buildings and structures. 

Whether it be an existing building, foundation or a bridge our team have extensive experience in the reuse of existing assets and the knowledge to strengthen and extend the design life of such structures. We will provide advice on the most commercially viable and practical design solution that could also include demolition and replacement if the future design life cannot be guaranteed or the testing is to be prohibitively expensive. 

To evaluate the potential reuse of any structure we will undertake the following activities: 

  • Desktop analysis, review of archive drawings, and prior engineering reports. 
  • Visual survey to determine actual condition, note visible deficiencies, highlight structural elements, connections and foundations that require specialist intrusive investigations.
  • Material testing to determine strength properties, load testing to model the actual load transfer within the structure, and pile testing to assess damage and capacity. 
  • Where existing information is not available undertake a back analysis of the existing structure to determine the full load capacity of all structural elements and their suitability for reuse.  

We will work with the asset owner and contractor to understand the phasing criteria and develop a structural solution that aligns with the construction sequence.  As temporary work designers, we are able to minimise the impact temporary works has on the buildability of the permanent works.  

Our expertise covers: 

Detail examinations of railway over and underbridges to determine condition. The strengthening of metallic and concrete bridges, replacement of bridge bearings and the improvement of track drainage. The repair of masonry viaducts, arches and wing walls in line with NR standard details.

Assessment of Deep Foundations to determine the structure’s design life. The testing of pile and diaphragm walls to ascertain residual capacity and condition for potential reuse.

Refurbishment and remodelling of existing buildings to incorporate change of use, new building services arrangements whilst protecting the existing fabric. Our senior team are experienced in the refurbishment and update of historic buildings and will work collaboratively with English Heritage and local council to discharge listed planning conditions. 

Refurbishment Services Contact 

David Booth
Principal Engineer
Refurbishment Services Leader

T: +44 (0)20 3214 5258
E: david.booth@veda.co.uk


Recent Projects

Morning Lane -  Retail Arch Development

VEDA were employed by Spence to act in the Contractor Engineering Manager role to check the reference design for the refurbishment of a section of viaduct to create high-end retail outlet. We were able to value-engineer the structural design and guided the design team to pragmatic solution that was acceptable to Network Rail Asset management team.

Kings Cross Station - Northern Building Refurbishment

VEDA were employed by Spence as lead consultants for the complete strip out and refurbishment of the Grade I listed Northern Building. In collaboration with English Heritage the listed building conditions for structural alteration, internal & external finishes, services, demolition and salvage were met and discharged.