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CP4 Kent Culverts - Rehabilitation & Inspections

Various Locations, Kent

Dyer & Butler were engaged by Network Rail to locate and report on condition of culverts that crossed the main lines in the Kent Route. VEDA’s MD was appointed as Construction Engineering Manager to oversee the findings of the culvert surveys and to propose remedial works were the existing condition of the culvert could affect the operational railway. 

VEDA produced the temporary work designs where the culverts had to be dewatered for inspection and liaised with the relevant water authority or EA for the temporary diversion of the watercourse. 

At some locations standard brickwork repairs could not be achieved due to culvert diameter or due to global imperfections caused by either excessive load or poor compaction of the material above. For these culverts, GRP/CIPP liners were designed in accordance with the manufacturer specification to act as the structural pipe and make the existing culvert redundant. Forms F001-F003 were produced for all structural liners and EA/IDB acceptance granted for the modified hydraulic capacity.

Project Details:

Project Name: CP4 Kent Culverts
Type of Project: Rehabilitation & Inspections
Client: Dyer & Butler
Date Completed: April 2014

Services Provided:

  • Structural Surveys & Assessments
  • Civil Engineering
  • Rail Engineering

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