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Buildable designs from a dynamic partner.

Our engineers, architects and technicians understand the importance of buildability.

We encourage our team to spend time on site so that they understand the complexities of the live environment and appreciate how their contribution impacts the overall project. Our Civil Engineers have a broad knowledge of civil engineering assets i.e. bridges, earth retention and buried structures.

You will find that our design teams and supply chain are proactive in seeking buildable solutions that fit the project constraints. VEDA is a reactive consultant that understands the importance of rapid engineering support to the success of civil engineering projects such as; embankment stabilisation, bridge bearings, tunnel relining.

Our expertise covers:

Design of foundations, basement boxes, culverts and earthworks.

Rehabilitation of existing structures such as tunnels, bridges and culverts with the use of traditional and modern methods such as sprayed concrete and cure-in-place linings.

Geotechnical investigations. Our engineers scope the investigation requirements and then review the factual and interpretative reports before proposing the optimum foundation system for the ground conditions.

Examinations and assessments of existing assets such as diaphragm walls, brick tunnels and bridges to determine the remaining design life and to recommend methods of maintaining the asset. To enable foundation reuse, our engineers conduct extensive non-destructive and intrusive surveys to determine material and elemental parameters to assess the allowable capacity and design life of the existing asset.

Earthworks: retaining walls; earth reinforced, gabion and gravity walls, concrete and sheet piled walls. Our engineers can provide a budget cost comparison between systems. We have also conducted embankment stabilisation schemes.


Civil Engineering Contact

Imran Khan

Imran Khan
Managing Director
Civil Engineering Leader

T: +44 (0)74 3262 8255
E: imran.khan@veda.co.uk


Recent Projects

Fenchurch Street: Congestion Relief Scheme

This redevelopment will relieve congestion, improve safety and increase capacity.
As part of the D&B team with Spence, VEDA were employed to deliver the multi-discipline GRIP 5 submission for a new entrance at Tower Gate and the installation of a new staircase within the ticket hall.

Stonegate Slip: Embankment Stabilisation & Culvert Reline

The 60m long embankment slip at Stonegate blocked the London to Exeter
mainline. VEDA were engaged by Dyer & Butler and reacted quickly to develop a temporary gabion solution to open rail traffic on the adjacent line. The permanent design was an anchored sheet retaining wall and the damaged culvert at the toe of the embankment was part rebuilt with a liner.